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Antisemits in Israel - Part 1

Brief Context:

In assessing anti-Semitism, the working definition of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) applies to Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V. and the Ephraim Nation:

"Anti-Semitism is a particular perception of Jews that can be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed against Jewish or non-Jewish persons and/or their property, Jewish community institutions, and religious institutions."

As the history of the last century has proven, socialist ideologies such as national socialism and, in this century, international socialism, are collectivist ideas that degenerate into rampant anti-Semitism and develop into the Holocaust, genocide and world wars in which millions of people have to pay with their lives and have failed again and again in history.

Especially in Germany, socialism finds its breakthrough in society again and again in various ways and generates a growing following especially among young, still ignorant, people, since socialism disguises itself with being social and unfolds its malicious face as soon as the most important positions of power in a free society have been occupied by socialist representatives.

Socialism is thus anti-Semitism!

In this series, would like to take a closer look at well-known representatives of socialist ideologies and show whether the solidary sympathy after the terrorist attack of Hamas in Israel on October 7, 2023 is based on an honest foundation.

Since one could possibly write entire books on each of them, we will limit our presentation to current and timely events and give brief examples.

We begin with the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany - Annalena Baerbock.

Annalena Baerbock Antisemitismus

Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock is a German politician. She has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2013 and has been the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Scholz cabinet since December 8, 2021. She is thus the first woman to head the Foreign Office.

As a representative of (eco)socialist, left-wing radical and thus anti-Semitic ideologies, Annalena Baerbock camouflages her anti-Semitism under the slogan "feminist foreign policy." It is not yet clear whether this is done consciously or unconsciously, because her policy is accompanied by a childlike naiveté that suggests that Annalena Baerbock is not really aware of the damage she is actually doing to the world, or that she knows exactly what she is doing. Both aspects are fatal and are opposed to peace in the world.

In 2022, she paid her first visit to the Middle East, during which she assured Israel of unrestricted solidarity and emphasized Germany's reason of state, but at the same time, during her visit to the Palestinians, she denied the people of Israel the right to settle in the biblical heartland of the Israelites, as this was not compatible with international law.

The problem here is that there is no people of "Palestinians" in the entire biblical creation story. They are Arabs. Descendants of Abraham's first son, Ishmael, who were re-declared by Rome throughout history to fight against God's chosen people Israel.

Professor and Rabbi Dov Fischer has unequivocally elaborated on this in the following article.

"Following the latest terror attack by Hamas, which draws its funding for rockets fired at Israel from the West's "humanitarian aid" to Gaza and grants from Iran, Annalena Baerbock paid a "solidarity visit" to Israel on October 13 to express her sympathy. She comments on your upcoming visit to the Holy Land as follows:

"Israel is experiencing barbaric terror these days. It cannot be justified by anything. Israel has every right to defend itself against this terror within the framework of international law. Germany stands unbreakably by Israel's side. That is why I am traveling to Israel today.

Hamas has committed atrocities in recent days. Entire families were murdered by the terrorists. The terror attacks were a watershed. A new era has begun for the people of #Israel. It is necessary to look, and to call this terror by its name.

Hamas' terror threatens to destabilize an entire region. Where even cautious steps toward rapprochement have recently taken place, Hamas wants to start a conflagration. The task now is to prevent other actors in the region from pouring oil on the fire.

Hamas brings nothing but suffering and death to the people - in Israel and in Gaza. The script of terror must not be allowed to take hold. Civilians need safe spaces where they can find protection and be provided with basic necessities."

On October 19, 2023, however, the game will go on as usual after the consternation lyricism of Western politicians in Israel. 50 million in emergency aid for precisely those organizations that are known for providing little to no aid to the civilian population, but instead channel the money into Hamas terrorism.

Thus, a serious anti-Semitism against the people of Israel is at the root of this, which is whitewashed by the expressions of solidarity and with great media pro-Israel coverage.

In the anti-Semitism report of the nation Ephraim the sources for the current anti-Semitism are clearly pointed out and is available on this portal freely and free of charge as pdf to the download.

Antisemitismusreport Nation Ephraim

You can support our fight against the anti-Semitism of the German government now and here.

Please just use this fundraizr to support us against the anti-Semitic lie construct of the traffic light government.

Patrick "Pesach" Geisler

(Anti-Semitism Officer of the Nation Ephraim and Hiers of Jakob e.V. - Consultant and Member of the Sanhedrin Advisory Board of the Sanhedrin Initiative)

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