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schwarzer Hintergrund
Christlicher Antisemitismus

Defining and exposing anti-Semitism against Gentiles opens the door to the redemption of the jewish people in the end times.

- From darkness to light -

Was ist Antisemitismus?

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Antisemitismusreport - From darkness to light

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Anti-Semitism report by the Nation of Ephraim and the community of heirs of Jakob eV

The report opens up a perspective on anti-Semitism that uses the biblical creation story of the Torah as a basis and uses many examples to show how big the problem of anti-Semitism really is.

The Antisemitism Report of the Nation of Ephraim is the first and only of its kind to address the full IHRA definition and, when considering antisemitism, applies both to Jews but primarily to JewsGentilesrelates.

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schwarzer Hintergrund

The report is ideal introductory reading to better understand the complex subject matter of our publications, how the nation of Ephraim is connected to the end-time salvation of the Jewish people and why it is important to highlight anti-Semitism against non-Jews.


1260 days of revelation - a visually stunning compilation of all important dates in the end times and essential to be able to understand the movements of the big decision makers,

1260 Tage Offenbarung
Wer ist Israel?

Who is Israel and who is Jew? A book that lays a foundational understanding of what the holy people of Israel are and who belong to them in a biblical context.

The legal and valid foundations of the nation of Ephraim and fundamental part of Roman Babylonian legislation. A must-have for every lawyer

Das Gesetz Roms
Ephraims Briefe

Ephraim's letters sent to key decision makers in the biblical end times to initiate the case of Jacob and bring about peace in Jerusalem

The Red War Scroll is the final document for the cleansing of personal data. It is basis for the end of the dead person in Roman Babylonian legislation.

Die Rote Kriegsrolle
Das rote Buch - Woelki und der Erbe

The Red Book - Woelki and the Heir regulates the conditions for the delivery of the testamentary inheritance to the living King of the Jews and all Israel

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The most blatant anti-Semitism against Jews and non-Jews is the burning of the Israeli flag. It becomes even more anti-Semitic when the state in which this is happening and whose reason of state is Israel, does nothing to clarify, ignores reports, refuses protection, carries out illegal foreclosures of a building belonging to the people of Israel and thus reveals that burning the Israeli flag is only the tip of the iceberg and the state institutions in Germany are acting in an anti-Semitic manner.

Brandanschlag Israelfahne Harsewinkel

More examples of anti-Semitism against the

non-Jewish community of heirs of Jakob

and the nation of Ephraim

Anti-Semitic attack by the FRG institutions on the headquarters of the Nation of Ephraim in Harsewinkel.

The bell is on the left on the wall.

Photo gallery of anti-Semitic attacks on the nation of Ephraim in Harsewinkel.

Vandalism on the new pylon of the community of heirs Jakob eV

Henchmen of the corrupt BRD administration extort money under threat of imprisonment

Illegal enforcement and subsequent kidnapping

All of the individuals depicted on and their actions against the nation of Ephraim are antisemitic attacks against non-Jews, per the IHRA's working definition.

They are attacks on the Holy People of Israel.

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