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schwarzer Hintergrund

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who we are is part of the Virtual Real Estate of the Nation of Ephraim. We identify as belonging to the Holy People of Israel and fight at the forefront and in the highest positions of power against anti-Semitism and for the salvation of the people of Israel in the end times.


What we do

Using the Torah and the biblical story of creation, we explain who  conspires against the people of Israel, thus committing anti-Semitic acts and being hostile to the salvation of Israel.


Our goals

We are working flat out to raise people's awareness of antisemitism against non-Jews because we recognize that this is the way to end antisemitism and  to make peace with the Jewish people after Jeremiah 31. 31-34.


how we do it

We spread the word of God, accompany current events and place the geopolitical events of the end times in the context of biblical prophecy fulfillment.

We are in regular contact with Rabbi Yosef Edery in the Golan, study the Torah, forge the new covenant according to Jeremiah 31. 31-34...

...and build up the Sanhedrin (Jewish Court) together with our Jewish brothers in order to establish divine justice.


What do we do that with?

Our National Gold and Silver Trust manages the national wealth of the nation of Ephraim and provides us with the Templecoin, a gold and silver backed currency that is structured according to biblical laws.


Why we do this

To build the third temple in Jerusalem at the end of our project and to turn swords into ploughshares.

Third Temple
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