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Peaceful Action in the Holy Land - Part 1

After Alex and I arrived safely and undamaged in the Holy Land on 19.04.2023, we were also picked up on time at the airport by Rabbi Yosef Edery, which is like an Israeli miracle, because punctuality is not always at the top of the priority list. :-)

Yosef Edery then invited us to visit his grandfather and introduce us to him. A great honor, because it is rare that two non-Jews are invited in the closest Chabad family circles.

After this extraordinary moment, we continued to an identical copy of the 770 Eastern Parkway Synagogue, which is the headquarters of the Chabad Lubavitch movement and whose original is located in New York.

After a short tour of the synagogue, we went on a three-hour drive to Katsrin in the Golan to move into the new embassy of the nation of Ephraim. Arriving late at night, we went straight to bed to start the next day with the next surprise. Rabbi Yosef Edery dropped by spontaneously and suddenly and unexpectedly appointed Alex and me as advisors to the Sanhedrin. The highest level a non-Jew can occupy in Jewish jurisprudence.

A bit caught off guard by this event, we moved on to the next historic event and signed the Sanhedrin Charter to confirm this joint cooperation in writing.

Then we went into Shabbat, which first gave us some time to catch our breath, to be able to process the rapid development. Since it is a great honor to be invited to a Chabbad Rabbi for Shabbat and no electronic devices are allowed after sunset, or after the lighting of the Shabbat candles, there are unfortunately no pictures of this beautiful evening in the family circle of Rabbi Yosef Edery, but that is also perfectly fine. Traditionally, many beautiful moments are only in one's mind and not on video or photo. Our Templecoin Trustee Hannes had the opportunity to take a photo during his visit to Israel, as he arrived at Rabbi Yosef Edery's house before the candles were lit. On this picture you can see very well which value the orthodox Judaism gives to the Shabbat. A beautifully laid table.

With Shabbat winding down, we entered the new work week and the preparation for the Embassy opening was on the agenda. As the non-existent coincidence would have it, at that moment we learned from our member of the Nation of Ephraim, Josef Radlingmayer, that Rabbi Ginsburgh will be in Tiberias, Israel, which threw our plans a bit out of whack, but for such a historic moment one accepts anything. Several times Yosef Edery had tried to organize a meeting with him to present our Sanhedrin initiative, but these were cancelled twice due to illness.

But this time it was finally going to work out. All good things come in threes. Relatively spontaneously, Alex and Yosef set out for Tiberias to meet Rabbi Ginsburgh. It is important to know in this context that Rabbi Ginsburgh is one of the few rabbis who enjoys a very high reputation in the various streams of religious Judaism, which only a few rabbis have ever achieved.

Rabbi Yosef Edery used this unique opportunity to inform Rabbi Ginsburgh in a short conversation about our Sanhedrin initiative and in this context also gave him one of our Templecoins of the Nation of Ephraim. Alex was then able to exchange a few words with him and of course invited him to our new embassy in Katsrin in the Golan. Hopefully he will find the time to accept this offer. Here is a short video in which Alex and Yosef summarize this event.

Next on the agenda was the official opening of the Embassy of the Nation of Ephraim.

Of course, this had to be confirmed to Heavenly Father with the blowing of the shofar.

Shortly after, we were invited again to the next event. Rabbi Benzion Gagula from Haifa, who has a synagogue in the German Collony, invited us to speak about the Sanhedrin initiative and the anti-Semitism of the biblical end times. We introduced our website,, and went into bits and pieces about the anti-Semitism that the nation of Ephraim has experienced over the past seven years. In addition, Alex spoke a bit about Ephraim Media Truth and how important it is for the truth from the Holy Land to find its way to the world.

After this meeting Alex and I had a little rest and could process the rapid developments of the first days and concentrate on the beautification of the New Branch of the Nation of Ephraim in the Golan. More about this in the second part of this report.

Patrick "Pessach" Geisler

(Officer on antisemitism in the nation of ephraim and advisor in the sanhedrin)

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