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The eighth commandment: Thou shalt not steal!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

...especially not the gold and silver for the construction of the third temple in Jerusalem!

Translated with google. Original article here.

When Moses received the tablets with the 10 commandments from the Creator of all things on Mount Sinai after the Hebrews left Egyptian slavery, the most important rules of human togetherness were clearly and simply defined. The eighth commandment, Thou shalt not steal, could not be formulated more precisely. A rule of the eternal order of the LORD.

The continuous breaking of these rules has brought us all to the point of a possible third world war, because breaking the commandments may appear without consequence at first, but in the end the LORD has the last word. An insight into God's punishment for breaking the commandments is found in Zechariah 5:3-4

3 And he said to me: This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole country. Because everyone who steals has been – how long ⟨now⟩! – went unpunished, and everyone who swears ⟨wrong⟩ has been – how long ⟨now⟩! - went unpunished.4 I let him go out, says the LORD of hosts, and he will come into the house of the thief and into the house of him who swears falsely by my name; and in the midst of his house he will stay the night and destroy it, both its timbers and its stones.

Now it's one thing to steal a candy bar from a supermarket, an act that can be redeemed by not repeating it. It is a completely different category if you constantly steal from people, e.g. B. through an exorbitant tax system, as it is operated in Germany by godless socialists and Catholics in their party swamp.

The crowning glory of every theft, however, the Mercedes of stealing, so to speak, is the pirating of the gold and silver used in the construction of the third temple in Jerusalem. A breach of the Eighth Commandment that cannot be undone even by returning the stolen goods. It is a curse placed upon oneself and the result of which is death. Therefore, the thieves who live in the main headquarters of the community of heirs of Jacob broke in and took possession of the temple gold.

In order not to hinder the investigative work, the possible course of events cannot be discussed in more detail here. So here are a few sample images that we want to use to make the reader aware of the stolen goods and maybe someone somewhere will recognize these unique pieces.

Pertinent clues that help recover the gold will pay off at the end of our journey. An opportunity that will make a poor man a rich man, unless he himself is involved in the theft. The state security service has already been called in by the Cologne police's Criminal Commissariat 72. We are curious to see whether this time the responsible authorities will develop enough motivation through a robbery worth a total of 370,000 euros to finally investigate and put an end to the anti-Semitic serial act against the hiers of Jocobs, which is protected by valid and applicable laws.

We want to give you at this point the Press release and a short list about the antisemitic attacks we experienced the last 6 years.

2023_09_03 - Press Release _Serious attack on German-Jewish relations_
Download PDF • 723KB

It is significant that the theft of the gold and silver comes at a time when millions of Israelites are preparing for the harvest festival of Sukkot. For this time there are clear instructions from the Creator that every Israelite should follow. The commandment is to take the tenth of the income earned and bring it to Israel. A clear instruction from the God of Israel. If this is not possible, then one should exchange the donations for the Lord into money, i.e. real money, gold and silver, and celebrate a lavish party in Israel at the Feast of Tabernacles. To put it bluntly, God says: Celebrate until you can't anymore!

24 But if the way be too great for you, that you cannot go, because the place which the LORD your God will choose to put his name there is too far for you, when the LORD your God blesses you, 25 then you shall give it for money. And then bind the money in your hand, and go to the place which the LORD your God will choose. 26 And give the money for whatever your soul desires, for herds and flocks, for wine and intoxicating drink, and for whatever your soul desires. And eat there before the LORD your God, and rejoice, you and your house.

With the theft of the temple coins, exactly the gold and silver were stolen so that every Israelite could keep this commandment and celebrate this party. It`s stolen from Israel. We are not incapacitated by the robbery, but can continue to offer this service to our Israelite brothers, but robbing this very gold and silver is a further theft of the share demanded by God in order to receive the corresponding blessing when keeping the commandment. In this context, God even demands that he be tested, and this year we will find out how great the blessing God pours out on those who keep the commandment.

Malachi 3:10 "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house. And try me in this, says the LORD of hosts, to see whether I will not open the windows of heaven to you and pour out blessings on you to excess."

Depriving the Israelites of this opportunity through robbery once again meets the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism. As a reminder, here is the definition again.

“Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which can be expressed as hatred towards Jews. Anti-Semitism is directed in word or deed against Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, as well as against Jewish community institutions or religious institutions.”

As we have been reporting for years now that we are experiencing anti-Semitism from the German state against us, this robbery now fits seamlessly into all other anti-Semitic incidents against us. The list is getting longer and longer... and just as a plant rises through a thick concrete ceiling, the truth about the hiers of Jacob of inheritance and the nation of Ephraim will break through at the right time and the lies that have been told about us for years will be visible to everyone.

Now we are at a point where it is becoming increasingly obvious to the public that the anti-Semitic attacks of recent years against the community of heirs Jacob more and more people are becoming aware and many followers of the Ephraim story are already asking themselves where the famous constitutional state and the motto "Israel is german reason of state" really are.

In summary, at this point, every attack against our peaceful community has brought us closer and closer to our goal. This is no different in this case. We look back at simple graffiti at our headquarters in Harsewinkel, at the burning of our Israel flag, at the destruction of the livelihoods of many of our members, at the illegal kidnapping of our children, at an unprecedented hate campaign by left-wing activist Burghard Hoeltzenbein of the SPD newspaper "Neue Westfälische ", which presented us in public as a cult and thus triggered an unprecedented series of anti-Semitic attacks against us by state authorities, the illegal foreclosure of our buildings and much more.

With the theft of the temple gold, however, the anti-Semitic attacks reached a new and frightening quality and the legal case of the community of heirs Jacob has now assumed international proportions, since various Jewish rabbis and organizations are already involved in the construction of the temple, who are also affected by this robbery and have now also suffered the same anti-Semitic attacks as we have.

Of course, given the history of the last 2000 years, the Jews cannot accept such acts without comment and therefore the complete clarification of the incident by the German authorities and federal government is expected, so that the German reason of state is actually observed and is not an empty phrase . Given the historical magnitude of this incident, not dealing with this robbery while emphasizing Israel's raison d'etat would be sheer hypocrisy. A clarification of this case is therefore mandatory.

The article mentioned in the video can be found here.

After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, the Jewish people have preserved the truths of the Torah for over two thousand years, despite all anti-Semitism and attempts to exterminate the people of Israel, and prayed almost every day at the Wailing Wall that the third Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem at the end of the prophecy for the final redemption of the people of Israel, so that the whole world can find peace again after an era of fundamental destruction, war, suffering, hardship and misery.

Since all the prophecies of the Torah have already been fulfilled, we are now living in the time when the temple can be rebuilt. The theft of the necessary temple gold is thus historically one of the highest forms of anti-Semitism that can be found in the prophetic end times of the Torah and the fulfillment of the word of God on earth.

Even though we have repeatedly pointed out that what has been done against us is anti-Semitism against non-Jews, covered by the IHRA definition, is directly also the Jewish people and the salvation of the Holy People through this latest anti-Semitic act Israel affected by Torah and Prophets. Thus, it is undoubtedly an anti-Semitic act for which there are applicable and valid procedures according to Jewish halacha, Roman law and the law of the State of Israel to end the anti-Semitic attacks.

Of course, the loss of gold in our organization hurts everyone involved and everyone invested, but after every anti-Semitic attack against us, various new possibilities and developments opened up on the big geopolitical stage, which brought us ever closer to our goal. We see with great interest how the media department of the International Christian Embassy, founded by Ephraim, priest after the order of Melchizedek and leader of the nation of Ephraim, has had its visa revoked and we are therefore very optimistic that sooner or later we will be able to stop working in this media department to bring the truth of the Torah to the world from there and end the false doctrine of the Trinity in the Holy Land. The prodigal son returns.

Trinitarian misconception

Like we said we want to build a new kind of relationsship to the jewish people because we are the generation when this become possible and we are using the prophecy from Jeremia 31.31-34. A new covenant.

The fact that this peace is already being developed and is beginning to bear fruit is reflected, for example, in the collaboration with Rabbi Yosef Edery. His initiative to re-establish the important Jewish court of justice, the Sanhedrin, is a direct result of our activities in recent years and is already a high point in new German-Jewish relations.

Rabbi Yosef Edery's page reads in detail how this initiative is progressing and that you can get the Templecoin of the Nation of Ephraim on this site. Some members of the nation of Ephraim are on the initiative's advisory board, attaining the highest positions a non-Jew can attain within Jewish law and it`s a commandment from Hashem to put judges into a court.

Another highlight of German-Jewish cooperation is the opening of the EPHI Center in Haifa Israel with Rabbi Benzion Gagula in the German Colony. The only synagogue in Israel with an international focus where we officially introduced the nation of Ephraim. Various lectures about our Tempelcoin, anti-Semitism and our media work were presented there.

Here is the lecture about the anti-Semitism that we have had to endure in recent years without ever having received the legal help, using the example of one of our members.

New covenant of Ephraim and Judah

More information about this event can be found in this article.

Some of these successes of the new German-Jewish relations are immortalized in this gallery.

But we also want to record in a gallery the religious-political persecution that has taken place against us by the German state in recent years because of our cooperation with the Jewish people. We have reported extensively on this and have been classified as right-wing extremists by the state's state secret service for the protection of the constitution.

The Nation of Ephraim's Antisemitism Report lays out the sources of antisemitism in simple terms and addresses the solutions. Free to download on the home page of this platform.

Anti-Semitism Report Nation Ephraim

You can support our fight against this real existing anti-Semitism here and depending on the amount, you will be able to call the golden and silver Templecoins your own as a thank you, which will receive a very high increase in value in the near future. It is historical, because that the third temple will stand and that in this temple, the money of God, namely gold and silver, is fundamentally and indestructibly carved in stone, so to speak.

The settlement hiers of Jacob case was taken to the next level by the theft of the gold for the third temple. It's like Elon Musk said on his Twitter account after Trump posted his mugshot after a long Twitter break: Next level.

It is of course no coincidence that Trump is tweeting again, on the same day our Temple gold was stolen and Dr. Jürgen Bühler, the false prophet in the Holy Land, has lost his influence due to the withdrawal of his media department's visa in the ICEJ.

The legal case of Jacob's community of heirs will be resolved in the foreseeable future in order to get to the bottom of one of the most important questions of the biblical end times.

We are still looking for the people who have defied the lies of the socialists and Catholics over the last three years. People who avoided the genetic injection of the beast from Revelation 13, people who left the church because they realized that the church has nothing to do with God and actually does the opposite of that in the back rooms what the church is trying to portray to the outside world. The latest porn incident in the archbishop's house in Cologne is an outgrowth of this.

We are looking for people who truly want to live according to the commandments of God and those who want to learn more about the Word of God these days after the last three years of the "pandemic" turned out to be a devilish act for them and now have a curiosity possess the truth.

Sign up with us and become part of a growing community that would rather fight for the truth than kneel and live the lies of others.

Getting started is easy at Find out more, register, order the Ephi Card and you will be part of the biggest story of our lifetime. All evidence of this is on the table. Visible to everyone. You just have to want to know, because knowledge is an obligation to collect.

Buy silver temple coins on to convert your debt money into real money, because...

"Silver is the solar plexus of the financial system." Ephraim, priest after the order of Melchizedek

A final message to the thieves of the temple gold from the Lord himself:

Howl, for the day of the LORD is near! It comes like desolation from the Almighty. Therefore every hand will be slack and every human heart will melt. And they will be dismayed. Cramps and labor pains will seize her, she will squirm like a woman giving birth. One stares at the other, their faces glowing like flames. Behold, the day of the LORD cometh cruel with wrath and hot anger, to make the earth desolate; and her sinners he will cut off from her. 10 For the stars of heaven and its constellations will not let their light shine. The sun is dark when it rises, and the moon will not let its light shine. 11 And I will visit the world with wickedness and the wicked with their iniquity. I will put an end to the arrogance of the proud and humble the pride of the violent.

Isaiah 13. 6-11

What plans does God actually have for those who did not bow to the beast in Rome during times of great social distress?

"And it shall be for Me a name of joy, and a glory, and an honor, among all the nations of the earth, when they hear all the good things that I do unto them. And they shall tremble and tremble at all the good things, and at all the peace which I have given them let it happen."

Jeremiah 33.9

and please don't forget:

You shall not steal!!!

Is the curse already working for Olaf?

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