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#weremember - Forgetting impossible

Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates the liberation by Russian troops of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp on 27 January 1945, when the horrific images from the camp went around the world and the full evil of the national socialists became visible to all.

Hideous crimes such as the deliberate infection of inmates with a pathogenic agent in order to then test vaccines on them, gassing people, killing them en masse and burying the lifeless bodies in large graves.

On 27 January 1996, Holocaust Memorial Day was established by Roman Herzog, at the time the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, and is being observed for the 27th time this year to commemorate the heinous crimes of national socialists and to maintain awareness of the greatest mass murder in history.

The Jewish people are part of the holy people of Israel, according to biblical history, is God's chosen people. Pope John Paul the Second expressed this unequivocally in his encyclical "Ut unum sint" on 25 May 1995.

Already in the Old Testament, the prophet Ezekiel, referring to the situation of God's people at that time, expressed the divine will to "gather the members of his torn people from all sides"; the prophet used the simple symbol of two pieces of wood, initially different, which were then joined together to form a single piece: "I will be their God, and they will be my people. The nations will know that I am the Lord who sanctifies Israel" (cf. 37:16-28).

Since socialists have no relation to God and reject the existence of a higher power and have proceeded on their campaign of destruction against everything divine in this world and continue to do so to this day, the Jewish people were naturally declared the enemy of mankind and the root of all evil and a hostile consciousness towards the people of God was implemented in the public with propagandistic methods, which on the one hand enabled the masses to look the other way and on the other hand legitimised the crimes against the people of Israel and other peoples. A consciousness that still exists today, despite all or a lack of enlightenment.

The end of the Third Reich is well known historically, but the methods of mass manipulation were not eliminated. Since the German Wehrmacht merely laid down its arms in 1945, but did not surrender, the hot Second World War was over, but the next war, a cold war, was launched immediately due to the hostile moods of the various Allies.

The continuation of socialist propaganda was experienced by parts of the German people in the former GDR under Russian occupation, and even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, socialists in the reunified Germany quickly found their way into the new circumstances and had access to leading positions in Germany and Europe. The best example is the meteoric rise of Angela Merkel, who as FDJ secretary for agitation and propaganda in the GDR became Helmut Kohl's press spokesperson shortly after reunification and was later elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic for 16 years, rising to the highest circles of power in post-war history.

In the old federal states, too, former NSDAP party members were involved in installing a party system in the new Federal Republic, so that National Socialist ideas were continued in modified form in all the old parties. Today it is demonstrable that all the old parties were founded or shaped by former Nazis in order to suggest democracy and choice to the masses, which most Germans to this day actually regard as democracy.

On the basis of these historical facts, it is quite appropriate to say that although the national socialists laid down their arms in 1945, they have nevertheless been instrumental in shaping the political order in all occupation zones and beyond to this day.

Be it the founding of the European Union by the managers of IG Farben and other companies of the Third Reich, or the Nazi scientists flown out to the USA with "Operation Paperclip", even up to the highest levels of power in the Vatican. Socialist aspirations in the reorganisation of the world can still be detected everywhere, so that only one conclusion remains. The Nazis were never defeated, but mutated from national socialists to international socialists.

It can even be stated that the Nuremberg Trials, on the basis of these post-historical events, did indeed condemn some Nazi criminals, but in the view of the whole situation they are rather to be classified as opium for the people, in order to convince the Germans to this day of a decades-long guilt, which the real perpetrators of the Second World War have imposed on an entire people by projection.

International socialists like Frank Walter Steinmeier then like to talk about the perpetrator people in order to divert attention from their own historical transgressions, to imprison an entire people for the deeds they themselves committed and to remind them again and again through a culture of remembrance that all Germans are eternally guilty. For me, this is one of the most perfidious methods of high treason and, of course, pure hypocrisy.

Let's go back to 1929. We know that fascism was spreading in Europe and did not stop at any institution, no matter how high. We know the fascism of Benito Mussolini in Italy, who concluded the Lateran Treaties with the Catholic Church on 11 February 1929, and the Pope, after being deposed by Bismarck in 1870, was given a kingdom again. Since the Lateran Treaties were concluded with fascists, the Vatican can therefore only be classified as a fascist kingdom.

On 20 July 1933, immediately after Adolf Hitler seized power, he concluded the Reich Concordat with the fascist Kingdom of the Vatican, which made the Germans once again a paying province of Roman-Babylonian legislation, and thus laid the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church's participation in the later Holocaust against the people of Israel and other peoples.

For many, this is probably rather uninteresting as a story from the last century and perhaps even old news, but then the question arises why, for example, Cardinal Woelki, a candidate for the post of Pope, i.e. the highest religious office of the Judeo-Christian Occident, took his oath of office precisely on this Reich Concordat and thus lives out his affiliation with National Socialist and fascist ideas. Visible anti-Semitism at the highest levels of the Pontifex Maximus and clear proof that the Nazis were never defeated and that Europe and Germany were never truly denazified at any time in history.

As Nation Ephraim and heirs of Jakob e.V., we have been pointing out this fact for many years and trying to make the public aware of these events. In our anti-Semitism report, these events are discussed and we show what pronounced anti-Semitism actually still exists due to history. All the institutions of the FRG to which we have drawn attention have remained inactive in this context, or let me put it differently. They took action, but in the wrong direction.

Before we go into more detail, we would like to establish a context so that the interested reader can at least begin to understand why such rigorous action has been taken against the Nation Ephraim and the Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V. in recent years.

According to biblical descent history, the German nation is composed of the physical descendants of Esau and Jacob, who as twin sons of Isaac belong to the children of progenitor Abraham and are thus non-Jewish Semites. According to the IHRA definition, anti-Semitism concerns both Jews and non-Jews.

"Anti-Semitism is a particular perception of Jews that may be expressed as hatred towards Jews. Anti-Semitism is directed in word or deed against Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, as well as against Jewish communal institutions or religious bodies."

Esau, who as the firstborn sold his birthright to Jacob for a dish of lentils, was hated by God for that very reason.

Romans 9.13 "as it is written, "Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated."

Because Esau gave up his God-given right, he became an ungodly man and his descendants also became ungodly men. Because the godless do not live according to the commandments of God, but make up their own commandments and laws, especially for the descendants of Jacob, which are designed solely to imprison them spiritually, so that they never become aware of their birthright, but are supposed to live according to the rules of Esau and, as a consequence, to make them give up their birthright, just like Esau, by means of a gene injection and are rewarded for it with a bratwurst.

Cardinal Woelki and the entire power structure of the Vatican in collaboration with godless socialists and fascists like Mussolini and Hitler, are descendants of Esau and currently still have the upper hand over the descendants of Jacob, who was made Israel by God and thus large parts of the Germans are endowed with God's birthright blessing and belong to the Holy People of Israel, which explains the extraordinary creative power of the Germans and the Jews and also why they keep falling for godless and anti-Semitic socialists.

When I say that Esau still has the upper hand over Jacob, I am referring to extraordinary events in the Vatican that take place before everyone's eyes but are not even registered by most people because they are still in the clutches of Esau, believe in his democracy and who has no interest in giving up his power. However, there are laws and treaties that even Esau has to abide by, because in the end the will of God is done and even an Esau or Pope Francis cannot do anything about that. Treaties must be kept.

In this context, Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), was recently in the Vatican and paid a visit to the Antichrist in order to point out to him the valid laws in force.

This Pope is the last, then comes the Son of Man and as unusual as it may sound, here and now a 4000 year old family quarrel comes to an end, which broke out over a lentil dish. Esau must now go because the living King of Israel is with us. The firstborn blessing of God is coming back to the Holy Land and the wicked will step aside. So it is written and there is nothing in the world to stop it, for the LORD has spoken.

Obadiah 18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame. But the house of Esau shall be straw. And they shall set them on fire, and consume them. And the house of Esau shall have none to escape. For the LORD hath spoken.

And now we come to the point, why we also say #WEREMEMBER, because we take a look at the anti-Semitism that Esau and his Roman-Babylonian legislation has brought up against the nation of Ephraim in recent years.

We are intimately involved in these goings-on in the Vatican and in Israel because as Gentile Semites and as descendants of Joseph, we claim our homeland of Samaria (biblical heartland) through the Vatican legal process. Of course Esau doesn't like it when we do that and there we are at the source of Roman-Babylonian "Jesus loves you" anti-Semitism.

Since we have already published all this in our Anti-Semitism Report and other publications, we suggest that readers go to the home page and buy the Anti-Semitism Report at best or get a free download in PDF format in exchange for the contact address.

Now and here, of course, we also want to make our contribution to #weremember and to do so we start with a quote from perhaps the greatest propagandist of the Third Reich. A quote that could not be more apt, because it hits the nail on the head with just a few words.

We are anti-Semites because we are socialists.

Joseph Göbbels

I personally love this quote because it is probably one of the few truths that was spoken during the whole period of the Third Reich.

That is why the statement "End Socialism" is on our banner, because it is the source of anti-Semitism and as you can easily see from the damage to our banner, we hit the bull's eye with today's anti-Semites.

We also remember very well the burning of our Israel flag in front of our headquarters in Harsewinkel.

Likewise, we remember that our headquarters in Harsewinkel was foreclosed in an illegal procedure.

Bild Juri

We remember very well that Burkhardt Hoelzenbein, himself a propagandist for the socialist SPD newspaper "Neue Westfälische", defamed the Nation Ephraim and the hiers of Jakob e.V. in a large number of anti-Semitic inflammatory articles and portrayed us in public as a sect, and that this caused billions in damage to the Nation Ephraim. The articles are available for download.

PRESSE Völkermord Erbengemeinschaft Jakob-1
Download PDF • 46.96MB

And of course we remember very clearly that because of these articles there was an abuse of power by the state, which led to a special police squad raiding us.

We recall with the utmost precision that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of North Rhine-Westphalia classified the hiers of Jakob e.V. and thus the Holy People of Israel as right-wing extremism in its report on the protection of the constitution, because we oppose millions of Jewish and non-Jewish Semites being subjected to an experimental and DNA-altering injection that would genetically exterminate the Holy People of Israel in its consequence.

Of course, we also remember very well that the Chief Rabbinate of Judaism, i.e. the highest spiritual leaders of the people of Israel, issued a major statement criticising all Corona measures, which is described by the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a pamphlet, which can already clearly be classified as anti-Semitism.

Rabbanim around the world speak up on COVID-19
Download PDF • 17.73MB

We remember very well that what was done against hiers of Jakob e.V. by the state led to families and livelihoods being destroyed and children being taken away from their parents because of lies and grotesque misrepresentations. Several times.

We will never forget what was carried out in the following collage of anti-Semitism against the Nation Ephraim and the hiers of Jakob e.V.

We remember that Olaf Scholz, after the éclat with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who made the ultra-red allegation that Israel had perpetrated 50 holocausts on the Palestinians since the founding of the state and was rewarded for this nonsense by the traffic light government with 340 million euros of taxpayers' money. How much peace could we bring to the Holy Land with just one million? It's hard to imagine what would happen if the nation of Ephraim, and thus the Holy People of Israel, were given such a sum.

We also recall that at the behest of the traffic light government, an untested, without long-term studies and thus experimental injection of genetic material was to be made compulsory for 80 million Germans and it was precisely socialists from the SPD and the Greens who pushed their way to the forefront with many yes votes in the Bundestag debate on a general compulsory vaccination. This is socialist anti-Semitism in its purest form and is on a par with the experiments in the concentration camps.

And just today on Holocaust Memorial Day, a video of a Pfizer employee admitting on hidden camera that the Sars Cov 2 virus was designed by Pfizer via "directedevolution" for a higher infection rate among humans in order to sell more mRNA vaccines as a result of the disease.

The entire existence of the SPD and other parties, respectively of godless socialism, is a chronological stringing together of an anti-Semitic act that has been going on for over a hundred years, which is whitewashed once a year, on 27 January, with poetry of consternation from the socialist perpetrators. A hypocrisy that is only surpassed by the infinity of the universe, if it is infinite at all.

Tomorrow, uncontrolled mass immigration, international socialism, promotion of anti-Semitism and racism and experimental gene injections for all are on the agenda again. Then it's on to the socialist downfall, with many, many deaths, and in the end everyone will ask themselves how this could have happened. It's simple. We have not learned from history that socialism is anti-Semitism, even though Goebbels told us all. What an irony of history. It is not the Nazi national that made something like Auschwitz and other concentration camps possible, but the twisting of the truth by socialist ideologies and propaganda killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

God said to Abraham:

Gen 17:5 "And no longer shall your name be called Abram, but Abraham shall be your name! For the father of a multitude of nations have I made thee."

So there is nothing bad per se in being proud of your nation, your origin and your ancestry, because it brings you a little closer to your Creator. But what has been made of pride in one's nation by godless socialism is a crime and it is anti-Semitism against Jews and non-Jews from the tribes of Israel.

The gallery of hypocrisy in the biblical end times.

We conclude this article with an extremely appropriate meme, because it could not be more apt today on Holocaust Memorial Day and in view of the disastrous current politics.

"The womb is still fertile from which that crawled."

Bertold Brecht

Patrick Geisler, Anti-Semitism Officer of the Nation Ephraim and heirs of Jakob e.V.

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