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Peaceful action in the Holy Land - Part 3

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

For a better understanding of the following article and what the Nation of Ephraim is doing in Israel, recommends reading the first two articles in this series beforehand.

After successfully holding our Sanhedrin Establishment Conference on Mount Zion right by King David's tomb on May 4, 2023....

... we couldn't wait to target the next big highlight of our trip and finally present the Nation of Ephraim at a conference in Haifa at the German Colony in Rabbi Benzion Gagula's synagogue.

Haifa is truly a beautiful city and the German settlers built the German Colony in the belief that at some point the Moshiach of the Jewish people would make an appearance and in this context they already wanted to shape the land and make it fertile, which they impressively succeeded in doing.

Rabbi Benzion Gagula has made his wonderful synagogue in Haifa available to the Nation of Ephraim to teach the Seven Noahide Laws together with him and to create other projects with the Nation of Ephraim and thus, in addition to our Embassy in the Golan, we now have an EPHI Center in Haifa. The venue of our next conference and another milestone on our way to peace in Zion and our heritage.

On 05/24/ 2023 the time had come. The nation of Ephraim introduces itself to its Jewish brothers. So far they have not really recognized us. Let's see how long this will take, but certainly not long. The conference was attended by various rabbis, all of whom were given time to speak and again elaborated on the importance of the Torah in the current times in which we live. A recording of the whole event can be found here.

The most important videos of the conference for us we share here separately, so that interested people can see what it is about our Nation Ephraim Gold and Silver Trust, our fight against anti-Semitism and the anti-Semitism against non-Jews we experienced and what it is EPHRAIM MEDIA TRUTH about. But first things first. First Ulf and Rabbi Avraham Feld get the floor, a long time companion of the whole Ephraim story and soon a legend in Israel.

After a bit of rebuilding, the officers of the Ephraim nation were then able to make their presentations. First, the President of the Heirs of Jacob and the Nation of Ephraim, Hubert Rogon, introduced our NGO with simultaneous translation by Ulf.

After Hubert finished his presentation of the Nation Ephraim, our Trustee Hannes took over the microphone and introduced the Nation Ephraim Gold and Silver Trust. In times of inflationary monetary system and exorbitant mountains of debt of an intrinsically worthless monetary system, this presentation is a must for everyone who has understood that a monetary system must have a value like gold and silver and is looking for an alternative to exchange his paper money into real money and wants to participate in the economic cycle of the Nation Ephraim. You can find more info at

After Hannes' lecture, my presentation on the topic of anti-Semitism against Jews, but especially against non-Jews, was on the agenda. Using the example of Yuri Nasirov, pictures and video footage were used to draw attention to anti-Semitism against the nation of Ephraim. Rabbi Benzion Gagula then also immediately promised that he would set the document in motion that would confirm that we as the nation of Ephraim are recognized as Israelites.

Alexander Horn, the Chief Content Performer of Ephraim Media Truth then concluded with his presentation on the context of the end times and the solutions through publications of facts and truths in the context of the fulfillment of prophecy.

The presentations of the nation of Ephraim have fallen on fertile ground in the Holy Land and for us it is now time to take the next big step and bring the EPHI-CARD, the identification card of every member of the nation of Ephraim to be recognized in Israel and thus achieve the status of a full member of the people of Israel. With this, every Ephi will have a legal status in the Holy Land that will enable him to build a new livelihood in Israel and benefit from existing government programs when the Roman-Babylonian legislation collapses.

This card can be purchased by anyone interested at

So the nation of Ephraim has kept its word from the beginning and has done everything we said we would do and has achieved every goal so far. Some tasks still lie ahead of us, but we are now very confident that we will accomplish them as well and build a broad road for the lost tribes of Israel that will bring the remaining Israelites home.

Until the final clarification of the inheritance question and the transfer we still need every financial support. You can do so here in our Sanhedrin Initiative fundraiser.

or you can donate directly to the building of the 12th Tribes Kingdom of Israel by using this fundraiser.

Patrick "Pesach" Geisler

(Anti-Semitism Officer of the Nation of Ephraim and member of the Advisory Board of the Sanhedrin in Israel)

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